What is Cloud Hosting?
Our datacentres runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for best case routing. The BGP4 protocol is a standard that allows for the routing of packets of information.
Our Features
At TheGigabit by implementing only multiple direct gigabit links to providers, it gives us the ability to bypass slower ISP's and shorten the path between our IT-Infrastructure.
Why us?
TheGigabit has been operating its own network for few years, without relying on any third parties for our BGP peering, our multiple routers and fiber uplinks.
Our Extra Uptime
TheGigabit Cloud hosting offers many advantages over traditional hosting service due to the number of servers that are being used for a single cluster.
Best-Fit Solutions
GigaCloud can help you build a solution from cloud to dedicated to in-between for the most common business uses.

Rich Media Website Hosting

User experience is paramount. Host even your most dynamic media, while handling traffic spikes with ease.

E-commerce Website Hosting

With e-commerce, every second and every visit counts. Build an architecture that's available, scalable, and designed for security.

SaaS Application Hosting

Choose the right infrastructure for your app, so you can deliver a solid and reliable end-user experience.

Corporate Website Hosting

When people see your website, they see you. Protect your brand identity by building a reliable site infrastructure.

Test/Dev Environments

Sandboxes aren't just for kids. Build a test and dev environment in the cloud.